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The NWVM strives at enhancing the scientific exchange between guest scientists, who are hosted by NWVM member institutions. This NWVM guest scientist database forms the backbone of this networking activity. The database is now technically completed and will gradually be filled with data. Please support us and fill in the online registration form.

How to benefit?

  • Get to know e. g. who is currently here at one of NWVM member institutions or coming soon, until what date, working in which research field, cooperating with whom?
  • Create and extend your personal networks within NWVM and explore new collaborative research possibilities, also beyond the period of your stay

Guest scientists database
You can search in our guest scientists database by name, institution, date or research interest.

Who is a guest scientist?

Every scientist staying at one of the NWVM member institutions for a certain period of time to pursue research. Guest scientists may be visting within a funding programme, a research project or may be employed at one of the member institutions and are welcome to contact the Office for Guest Scientists for support if needed.